Personal Life 2.0

The logo I kept seeing in Taiwan was “Taiwan: Touch your heart”. This rang very true for me but not in the way that I expected… As some of you may remember I’ve had a certain someone in my life for almost 8 years, and we were very close to finally tying the knot. Well, as of November 9th that person officially broke off our relationship after cheating on me with a married man. I know I’ve notified most of you but I figure this would cover the remaining people I haven’t had a chance to talk to yet. So, the saying “Touch your heart” was accurate just not as cheery as I expected.

Having said all that, I’m now moving on to Life 2.0. What does Life 2.0 consist of? I’m not sure, but if you have an answer/suggestion please let me know!

Oh and yes I’m back. I’m working on posting photos but it’s taking a really long time to get them all sorted out.

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