Sky Diving

While checking out at Whole Foods this weekend the cashier asked me, casually, if I was doing anything exciting this weekend. Normally this type of question would be answered with some comment about me doing nothing, but not tonight! Nonchalantly I said, “Not really, some people from work and I are going Sky Diving”. Needless to say the cashier was a little surprised. Her response was “I think that’s the most exciting thing I’ve heard from a customer yet!” Little did she know I was buying food for my “last meal”… So yes, I did go sky diving and no I didn’t die. The photos are up: Sky Diving 07302005.

One Response to “Sky Diving”

  1. becky says:

    I for one am glad you did not die. Having to do a comprehensive new boyfriend search at this point in time would just be too tedious.