Note to self: Remember Deodorant

Just a friendly reminder:

Do not store deodorant in your glove box in an attempt to overcome your forgetfulness.

This morning on my way to work I realized that I missed a key step in my morning routine, deodorant. No problem, I keep a handy “emergency” stick of deodorant in my car’s glove box for just such occasions. This of course came about because I had a series of days where I forgot this key step in my morning routine. Anyway, I got to work and opened the glove box only to find that the plastic bag I store my spare deodorant in was wet. The first thing I thought was that, like my trunk, the front of my car had developed a leak. I frantically pulled things out of the glove box in search of other wet items but couldn’t find any. The bag the deodorant was in had stuff all over the inside and the container itself had stuff on the outside. It looked sorta like what happens to one of those cheap alkaline batteries that develops a leak and then corrodes. I pulled the container out of the bag and opened it to see exactly what happened and discovered a huge portion was missing. My only guess is that the heat from in car storage somehow managed to melt a good portion of the it. So, my present solution for solving my forgetfulness is no longer a good option. I guess I need to search for “glove box safe” deodorant. Any suggestions?

One Response to “Note to self: Remember Deodorant”

  1. tb says:

    You could keep some in your cube. Or up your ass, assuming it’s not too hot.