Steps to reduce my impact

I’ve been reading this excellent book that my friend Carl recommended to me when I visited him earlier this year. It’s a book that has various suggestions on how we can all be better eco-citizens. In some part due to this and the ramblings of one of my co-workers I decided it was time to reduce the number of plastic bags that I seem to acquire in mass throughout the week. To that end I’ve ordered some hemp/cotton bags from My personal goal is to reduce the number of bags I acquire by at least half in the next few months. We shall see how well that goes.

2 Responses to “Steps to reduce my impact”

  1. So how’d it go?

    We bought some bags made of recycled plastic at our local grocery store (I wanted hemp canvas, but these were only $0.99. We’ve almost completely eliminated shopping bags now. I think our next target will be the plastic vegetable bags (which we reuse anyway, but still collect.)

  2. Warren says:

    So far it’s working out pretty well, but there are times when I realize how ill-equipped America is for such a switch. Actually just this week when I kindly told the lady at Target that I wanted to use my own bag she gave me a really really dirty look. What is so wrong with that? Ugh.

    It sounds like your also headed down a good path. If you are looking for some good veggie bags, the “Evert-Fresh” bags that the website above sells really seem to keep things “fresher” longer. Well at least with my bananas.