I just read this interesting article about being honest to an extreme. Normally I am honest when people ask me things but there are always those times where we tell “white” lies or misconstrue the truth slightly to avoid hurting someones feelings. One of the things that I enjoyed in my previous long term relationship was that we were both so honest with each other (up until the end) that sometimes we hurt each others feelings. Was this bad? Well the relationship didn’t last, but if you ask me I still think that was a awesome thing to do because, while things were working, we were not hiding anything from each other. To that end, I’ve revised a post on my blog that I edited previously so that the truth is no longer hidden.

4 Responses to “Honesty”

  1. carl says:

    hey Warren,

    I enjoyed that article, and I believe in that kind of brutal honesty in relationships. I think long-term relationships are one of those places where people reach a comfort level where feelings are “mentionable and manageable”, as Mr. Rogers would say.

    It’s not always easy to be both honest and present with yourself, even with the closest people. Honesty and presence of mind kind of go hand in hand, because if you are not present then it’s hard to pinpoint how you are feeling, when you are getting triggered, etc…

    BTW, how did you get your Wii?


    PS. I resent you for making me register before I can comment on your blog.

  2. Nick Pelis says:

    Warren, I think you need to move out of your shoebox on the barren, desolate, soulless north end of Colorado Springs and move into the CC fraternity house next to where I live. Did I mention it’s an all-women fraternity?

  3. Warren says:


    It’s refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one that feels that brutal honesty can be a good thing in relationships. Nice reference BTW! And your right, without presence honesty doesn’t really work the same.

    The Wii I have came from CircuitCity in one of those horribly priced bundles, but I was able to return everything except the console to a local store. If you can find one of those and don’t mind paying tax that’s the way to go! It’s a really fun system BTW!

    Oh and you are right to resent me for making you register. I’ve been meaning to change that and kept forgetting. Your comment reminded me once again to fix that. I am also investigating allowing the use of OpenID. For now I’ve disabled the registration requirement.


  4. Warren says:


    You are correct, I do need to move. This weekend I spent quite a bit of time downtown and it made me want to live down there even more. However, I don’t think that the sorority house you mentioned will have me… Something about the whole male thing might not work!