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So much has changed

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Ok blog, as a friend of mine once did I’m going to apologize to you for not keeping you up-to-date. I know that you are always eagerly awaiting the latest information from my life and I try to keep you up to speed, but it’s been so hard recently. Over the last few months, I’ve traveled to Catalina Island in California for a wedding, played ice hockey in Vegas, moved, and started business school. There was probably a time when I could have updated you and I am sorry for not doing that. Rest assured I have been having an excellent time, and you will receive updates as frequently as I can get them to you.

To help explain a little more here is a quick run down of my adventures:

California was a fantastic time, seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time and discussing movies with Preston.

My trip to Vegas was an interesting one that started with a visit to Denver’s largest (or what seems like the largest) laundry mat, Smiley’s, at 1 in the morning to make sure I had clean clothing. This place had more washers and dryers than I’ve seen in a room before. I was able to get 3 loads of laundry done in an hour that would have normally taken 3. We stayed in the “fabulous” Las Vegas Hilton off the strip which used to house “Star Trek The Experience”. Our games went ok, and we ended up winning one and loosing two. The rest of our “free time” was spent walking around Vegas seeing the sites.

The beginning of my b-school experience spawned my need to move and I was very thankful to have several helpers to make the process go more quickly. I have a nice new apartment in a twelve story building with plenty of interesting characters around. Unfortunately, even though the move is long complete, I have yet to unpack. Boxes are strewn all over my floor and I still have to use paper plates in the kitchen at times…

School has been very, very busy. We just got back from a long weekend full of team building activities which was both a blast and somewhat frustrating. Mid-terms are this week and next week which is crazy. The time is flying by!

Well blog, that’s all I have for now. Again, I am sorry I have neglected you. You are always in my thoughts.