GnuPG Key

I’ve used various GPG keys over the years and they are mostly listed below but this list is not comprehensive.

Current and previous keys in one file:


Current key:

pub   2048R/053F380A 2011-03-02 [expires: 2022-12-24]
      Key fingerprint = 1469 6ADF A20E 97CD 610C  3184 006D 82B9 053F 380A

Old keys:

pub   2048D/ACD6F8C7 2009-02-24 [expired: 2011-02-24]
      Key fingerprint = 576B 3BC9 8441 D425 06B2  1CD8 99D9 3B3D ACD6 F8C7
pub   1024D/F56551F2 2007-02-01 [expired: 2009-01-31]
      Key fingerprint = 1DD3 EBB7 7A08 5289 5832  BC2C 0A4F DA8C F565 51F2
pub   1024D/2963D3BD 2005-01-27 [revoked: 2007-02-01]
      Key fingerprint = 91B5 D967 7C99 5FB5 B033  50F7 272C D185 2963 D3BD