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Quandary Peak

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

14er #4! This past weekend we camped at 3305m (10,843 feet) and then hiked up to the top of Quandary Peak. I survived with out any sore muscles or blisters since it wasn’t too long, but forgot sunscreen on my legs which led to a horrible sunburn on the back of my legs. I think this mainly had something todo with the large amount of snow we had to cross on the way up and down, but who knows. So while I’m recovering from crazy leg sunscreen with help from my Aloe Vera gel here is the fun info on the hike:

Trip photos are up here.

Trip Stats:

  • Time to top (TTT) = 03:15:08 (h:m:s)
  • Trip Odometer = 6.44 mi (off by a little due to a late start)
  • Moving Time = 4h 16m
  • Stopped Time = 1h 50m
  • Max Speed = 7.4mph
  • Moving Average = 1.5mph

Here is a aerial photo with my tracklog overlayed (click for larger version):

Quandary Peak tracklog photo

Here’s a nice profile of the trip (click for larger version):

Quandary Peak Profile

Pikes Peak Hike #1 for 2006

Monday, May 15th, 2006

This weekend I made my first hike up Pikes Peak for the year. We went half way up to Barr Camp and I got what I think is the best time yet for this hike: 02:11:20. At this rate I should be able to make it up to the top in under 8 hours (it’s 12.6 miles)!

Pikes Peak 2005

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

I did it again, for some strange reason… This time around for extra fun we did the full hike up and back. Time up was 8hrs 10min. Time down was about 3hrs 10min. For the time being I’m not going up or down Pikes Peak for at least another year, the last 3 miles I could barely walk.